Puppy Play Pen

As a new addition, this year MLO is excited to have their first Puppy Play Pen. 

What is puppy play?
Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog. The pup acts, for the most part, like a biological pup would act. Some pups have handlers or trainers while other pups are strays (no handler or trainer). The handler or trainer handles the pup like he would a biological pup.

It's not necessarily a sexual play, though it can be. For many it serves as a release of the animal part of them.

At our Puppy Play Pen...

...come by to see what we're all about.
...ask our pup / Handler Ambassador any questions you might have about puppies or our puppy pit.
...ask our pup / Handler Ambassador if you'd like to interact with any of the puppies.
...ask our pup / Handler Ambassador if you'd like to take a picture or or with one of the puppies.
...buy a treat* and ask our pup / Handler Ambassador to call upon the puppy you'd like to feed it to.
...expect the pups to bark and wag. They're puppies, not humans!

...enter the puppy pit without permission.
...harass the pup / Handler Ambassador or any of the puppies.
...grab any part of the puppy or any gear that the pup might be wearing especially the tail or collar.
...throw foreign objects at the puppies or into the puppy pit.
...feed the puppies anything other than approved treats without permission.

Friday November 9th
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm 

Saturday November 10th
11:00 am - close

St. Brigid's Centre For the Arts - Lower Level

310 St. Patrick (at Cumberland)